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THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. Maybe Cat and Ned have come to Bear Hall before, to visit Jorah / because idk they were in bfn Scotland, and they met/connected then?

That sounds good to me (if it sounds good to Ned)!  A Ned and Jorah connection might also be useful *shrugs*, just something to think about.


At some point soon I need to establish Cat’s/the Starks’ relationships with:

I know I’ve kind of chit-chatted about some of it but don’t be surprised if I attack your ask boxes some time in the near future.  I’m assuming the upper echelons of the aristocracy are at some level of acquaintance but I’m just thinking about the “northern” families first for now.

Also wondering if @pbaelish-esq, @ladyarryn and @bryndenblackfish will be around to chit chat this week about setting up stuff?

[OOC] Stark household stuff, timeline 


say it takes place mid-july, and the other scenes are some days, to a week (whatever), before that? so the varys/peter conversation, the interactions between cat and lysa, robb and sansa visiting the eryie, any ned/cat stuff you want to have happen all come chronologically earlier.


Okay, so what’s going on with the Starks? Or at least, what do we think is going on with the Starks at the moment?

Should Arya still be at Winter Hall or in London?

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So should I perhaps have Theon come to London then? I’m trying to think of a way to incorporate him into the arc with the Starks going on without just having him randomly show up for no reason.

The archduke died on June 28th.  Let’s say Cat and Lysa’s correspondence starts at the very end of June to very early July.  Varys and Petyr’s discussion can be right around there too.  Ned leaves a short while after (after receiving his summons) with Arya to join Robert and Sansa in London, comes upon them with Jeyne at the station and tells them he’ll be staying.  Lysa’s latest letter arrives at Winterfell shortly after Ned leaves, so Catelyn finally decides to leave, to stay with Lysa at Arrynvale, once Ned has already left.  Bran and Rickon are coming with her.

Theon can either decide to go when Ned leaves or when Cat leaves.  With Ned might make more sense, did you want to show up along with him at the train station?  That can be up to you, @majorstark, @ltrobertstark and co. to decide.

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[OOC] Stark household stuff 

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Since Robb, Sansa and I have already had station interactions, should that be scrapped?

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Sounds like a plan. I’ll get down to London then, shall I? Did you want to play something before I leave?


I mean, there’s no real time on when Varys and Peter are meeting, so it could be that he’s called down somewhat urgently? Maybe no need for a telegram, Ned just steps off the train like SURPRISE, NO ONE’S LEAVING LONDON. These are thoughts I have but they are not legitimate ideas. 

(Ugh, sorry, on the wrong account…)

Okay how about this, Ned gets off the train to the surprise of Robb, Sansa and Jeyne, and tells them they’re not going anywhere.  You won’t have to scrap anything, just keep in mind that some of us are a bit behind you.

I do want to do something with Ned before he leaves, write a letter back to Lysa and/or Peter, and yes I think it’s totally fine if Varys has too much knowledge about Cat’s comings and going.  Sounds juicy :)

Is this okay with everyone?  Apologies if it’s any major inconvenience.

[OOC] Stark household stuff 

I’m posting way more OOC than IC, sorry for that.  I still want to do a full bio for Catelyn and for that I still need to make some time to read up more on the reform movements of the era and upper-class women’s war efforts.

There are a few things I thought it best to settle “out in the open” though.  Robert and the Stark girls are returning from London up to Winter Hall, and yet Sansa is going to have her season soon.  And I know Ned is soon going to be called down to the capitol on military business.  Are we all going to be venturing back down to London?  Or will Ned take Sansa and Arya as per canon, or … ?

What is Theon’s relation to the Stark household in this universe?  Will there be one?

Also, I was told that in this AU Brandon and Rickard Stark are still alive.  I suggested the idea that perhaps Brandon was lost abroad, perhaps some time during the Anglo-Sudanese War (Mahdist War).  Should we say that he is still lost, and then if anyone takes him up he can come back? Or has he already returned to Britain?

Also, everyone cool if I say Luwin is their doctor?

[ooc] potential storylines 


If you’re into socialism or campaigns suffrage, I’m sure Asha would love to know you. She’s also a pilot so that could potentially play in with people from the Air Force. I’ve been researching (NOT a huge WWI history buff, sorry, kind of going as I go) and I don’t think there were British lady fighter pilots but she could potentially be flying supplies/otherwise volunteering. She’s not overly patriotic, though, at least right now, so I could see her holding off on that. Perhaps if something happened to one of her family members or someone else she is close to, it might be enough to change her mind, so we’ll see.

Also, Asha has a problem. She likes sex (in this rp, with people of all genders, for the record) but generally, when she has sex, this happens:

If you are not a balloon and can appreciate Asha’s, er, strong personality, I’m sure she’d be happy to make your acquaintance. She doesn’t really care if you’re related to her or not.

I’m reading up on the various strands of social reform at the time, and I’ve still yet to get through it all but I’m thinking of playing Cat as conflicted between her support for certain reforms (that upper-class women would support; I doubt she’d be an all-out socialist) and her sense of patriotism for Britain.  She’s in support of the suffrage movement though usually from afar, at the least.  I’m not sure what else specifically since I have more reading to do, but Asha could be someone with whom opinions clash a bit, better defining Cat’s stance on things.  Not much else to say right now though.